by giamariedezi



            This is an inforgraphic that visually represents rape statistics in the United States. The infographic is a giant square made up of individual people. In the square of people, each person is one of the five colors (tan, light brown, dark brown, red and black) that identifies them as either a rapist, a reported rapist, a rapist who faced trial, a jailed rapist and a falsely accused person. I particularly like this infographic because it is easy to understand as well as demonstrates the ratio of rapists to convicted rapists to those falsely accused and everything in between.





            This is an infographic that visually represents U.S. gun usage and death within the country. The first part of the infographic is a pie chart that illustrates the top 10 killers and the percentage of deaths that occur from each of the following. Within that pie chart, gun homocides make up 1%. Following the pie chart are illustrations and statistics that demonstrate how many more deaths there are from something else as well as a bar graph that demonstrates the amount of murders annually by hand, hammers and clubs, and guns. The conclusion of this bar graph is that 90% of violent crimes in the U.S. don’t involve guns. I chose this infographic because not only was it interesting and easy to interpret but it included many different types of infographics to make many different points.